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 Bryant Market Volunteer Training 

These are only the online trainings for this role; this list does not include additional forms/agreements or the in-person orientation completed by this stakeholder. To learn more about the expectations for this role and CAN's onboarding process, please email

ADA Compliance & Emergency Protocols

CAN's Americans with Disabilities Act Compliance Policies and Emergency Protocols.

All About CAN

A summary of CAN's mission, programs, and services.

Bryant Market Overview

An overview of the Bryant Market service philosophy and an overview of a distribution.

Bryant Market Policies & Procedures

An overview of the Bryant Market Policies & Procedures - this presentation covers best practices, why certain policies are in place, self care reminders, and the Volunteer Agreement.

Customer Service Tips

While written for the Bryant Market, these customer service tips apply to all CAN Market programs and all CAN programs and services in general, as CAN's service philosophy to treat everyone who comes through our doors with dignity and respect applies in all facets of our organization.

Implicit Bias & Cultural Humility 

CAN partners with under-resourced communities which gives us amazing opportunities to collaborate with people who may have different backgrounds than our own. Despite our best efforts, it is easy to make mistakes in these diverse spaces. It is our goal to always strive to understand our own biases and to participate in relationships with one another with cultural humility.

The Effects of Food Insecurity

An overview of the Effects of Food Insecurity and why CAN's programs and services are necessary.

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