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"Connect" is CAN's internal newsletter for staff, interns, volunteers, board members, and anyone else who would like to receive bi-weekly updates regarding highlights, announcements, and ongoing training/professional development updates. Welcome and join us in our virtual community-building endeavor!

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I Wonder, What If, Let's Try

We're back from our break and for those of you who are new - WELCOME to the Connect newsletter!

This newsletter serves as in internal means to share organization-wide information and updates. It will come out nearly every Friday this summer and we encourage you to open and read when it's sent to your inbox to stay up to date on the latest CAN news =)



Happy Birthday June & July Babes!!! If you see someone with a birthday from this past month or next month, send them your birthday wishes!

  • Jessica You (Hikone Summer Program Facilitator), June 6

  • Moira Cummings (Creekside Summer Program Facilitator, June 6

  • Libby Gramlich (VISTA Leader), June 8

  • Thea Bultman (Arrowwood Hills Summer Program Facilitator, June 11

  • Bobby Portis II (Creekside Court Director), June 18

  • Kelonnie Mosley (Bryant Market Program Assistant), June 25

  • Bennine Al-Anssari (Bryant Summer Program Facilitator), July 7

  • Sherrie Greenleaf (Bookkeeper), July 7

  • Paige Swanson (Year-Long VISTA), July 13

  • Seth Poirot (Bryant Summer Program Facilitator), July 26


Upcoming Staff Meetings- For the summer, our org-wide meeting schedule as of right now will look as follows:

  • Friday Gatherings- Every site will be gathering with their teams on Friday to debrief on the week and prepare for the following week / unwind as a team. These times and agenda for each Friday will vary by site/week.

  • July 1 - Management Meeting (10am)

  • July 8 - Management Meeting (10am)

  • July 15 - Mid-Summer Check-In, All Educational Summer Camp Staff (10am, location/details coming soon)

  • July 22 - Management Meeting (10am)

  • July 29 - Management Meeting (10am)

  • August 5 - CAN Closed

  • August 12 - End of Summer Celebration! (more details to come)

All of our staff meetings and CAN holidays are up on the CAN Google Calendar. If you are in our Google Group listservs (,,, & you should receive an invitation to any relevant staff meetings, events, etc.

  • If you are not in one of these listservs, please email so you can be added!

You can find a link to the CAN Google Calendar at (CAN Calendar).


Accessing Educational Summer Camp Training & Camp Materials-


Tips & Tidbits

Take a deep breath.

You got this!


How do I become a CAN Academy Member to comment on these posts?

  1. Click the little profile icon in the upper right hand corner of the website header

  2. Sign Up with your email and create a password

  3. Your request will be approved and you can go into your CAN Academy profile to update the information

  4. Make your profile "public" so you can add comments below


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments (or highlights, announcements, etc.), please email Katie at

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