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"Connect" is CAN's internal newsletter for staff, interns, volunteers, board members, and anyone else who would like to receive bi-weekly updates regarding highlights, announcements, and ongoing training/professional development updates. Welcome and join us in our virtual community-building endeavor!

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Sharing The Mic

"Connect" is a new professional development tool designed to aid in the dissemination of information and follow-up trainings for CAN's rotating and longer-term team members.

The original hope with "Connect" is that eventually, anyone who would like can share thoughts or resources/materials they believe the team will find valuable and many will have an opportunity to author on this newsletter. Now that we have had a few months to trial run this tool, I'd like to open it up to others who would like to get involved.

If you are interested in writing a couple of paragraphs or sharing resources about leadership, working with children & youth, mindfulness, working at CAN or as a VISTA, or anything else that you are passionate about related to CAN's mission, please let me know and we will schedule a time for you to author a newsletter or multiple newsletters.





  • RECRUITING Summer Program Facilitators! Please spread the word to everyone you know that CAN is now officially hiring Summer Program Facilitators for our 2021 Educational Summer Camps! More information can be found at:

  • Next All Staff Meeting is March 26 at 2pm - If you can make it, you are invited to join our all staff meeting. This meeting will be our "All Staff Fun Day" where we take some time to get to know each other better since we don't have the luxury of doing so as organically in-person anymore.


Tips & Tidbits

CAN's New Information Technology Policies & Training

Coming Soon! Keep an eye on your inbox for a link to review CAN's new IT Polices and sign our new agreement form. This will be required for all current and new staff, interns, and VISTAs.

Are you familiar with CAN's Washtenaw County Database?

This tool was developed to help Washtenaw County residents find the resources that are right for them. It is also meant to help us help the clients who come calling or knocking on our door asking for help. There are so many resources it can be hard to keep track!

Look up a category to offer specific suggestions or print/email a packet or link to provide to the individual reaching out for help.

Have a cool new idea you think would help the org that you want to last?

Connect with your supervisor and loop in CAN's Director of Program Management (that's me!). My role is to help ensure your work lives on after your time with CAN as a reusable, sustainable resource for those following in your footsteps! =)


How do I become a CAN Academy Member to comment on these posts?

  1. Click the little profile icon in the upper right hand corner of the website header

  2. Sign Up with your email and create a password

  3. Your request will be approved and you can go into your CAN Academy profile to update the information

  4. Make your profile "public" so you can add comments below


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments (or highlights, announcements, etc.), please email Katie at

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