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 Salesforce Trainings 

Automatic Email Templates

Find, create, update, use Salesforce Classice Email Template feature.

Contacts & Households

Tips and tidbits related to Contact and Household Information.

Data Modeling

How data is labeled and organized in Salesforce.

Duplicate Records

How Salesforce Users can merge duplicate records.

Fundraising and Development

How to use Salesforce for fundraising and development.

Gift Card Tracking

Inputting gift card information and running the Gift Card Tracking report.

How to submit a time sheet.

How To Submit A Time Sheet

An overview of how to submit a timesheet to Community Action Network (for salaried and part-time staff, interns, and AmeriCorps VISTAs).

Reports and Dashboards

How to create and run reports and dashboards in Salesforce.

Salesforce 101

An overview of the Salesforce basics.

Student Enrollments & Attendance Tracking

How to enroll students and track attendance in educational programs.

Updating A Time Sheet

On the backend, how to update and delete time sheets in Salesforce.

Salesforce Volunteers

How to manage volunteers using Salesforce.

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