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"Connect" is CAN's internal newsletter for staff, interns, volunteers, board members, and anyone else who would like to receive bi-weekly updates regarding highlights, announcements, and ongoing training/professional development updates. Welcome and join us in our virtual community-building endeavor!

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Here Comes The Sun...

Keep up the great work. You are amazing and doing a lovely job, you beautiful unicorns!



Congratulations to long time GBC Program Assistant, Summer Eubank, for receiving the Sustainability Spotlight from LSA's Honor Cord Program!!!



February Birthdays-

Happy birthday, friends!

  • Jamie Conner (VISTA), February 27

  • Kayla Samuels (Director of Brick), February 28

March is a big birthday month!

If you see each other in the wild, give big happy birthday wishes!

  • Ashley Bond (VISTA), March 2

  • Monique Meerbrey (Arrowwood Hills Program Assistant), March 10

  • Jasmine Chaparro (Brick Intern), March 11

  • Hazel Rosenbaum (Brick Program Assistant), March 13

  • Tess Crowley (Hikone Program Assistant), March 13

  • Emanuel Holder (VISTA), March 18

  • Derrick Miller (Executive Director), March 29

  • Kelly Gryniewicz (Brick Program Assistant), March 29

  • Montana Crowell (Grants Specialist), March 31


Upcoming Staff Meetings- For March, our meeting schedule as of right now will look as follows:

  • March 4, Management Meeting: 1-2:30pm

  • March 11, All Staff Meeting: 1-3pm

  • March 18, Management Meeting: 1-2:30pm

  • March 25, Off Week: Teams meet as-needed

*All staff & interns are welcome to join, but work-study/part-time & interns are not obligated.

All of our staff meetings and CAN holidays are up on the Google Calendar. If you are in our Google Group listservs (,,, & you should receive an invitation to the relevant staff meetings.

  • If you are not in one of these listservs, please email so you can be added!

You can find a link to the CAN Google Calendar at (CAN Calendar).

Google Calendars are a helpful tool CAN uses so we can make updates and share them out with all of our stakeholders in case anything changes!


After School Program-

  • March Holiday Parties: Ask your supervisor if there's anything you can do to help! If you aren't normally working from a specific community center, holiday parties a really fun way to join, help, and have a good time.

  • AAPS and LCS Spring Break March 28-April 1: CAN After School Program closed.

Food Pantries-

  • WIC had recently switched to providing Similac to families who need formula, but the recent recall will make access to safe, affordable formula more challenging to many families right now. You may find families seeking formula and other baby items to make room for formula in their budget in your pantries - please spread the word to your networks to let them know we will likely be needing a higher supply of donations geared toward babies under 1 year old and if they can donate safe formula that wasn't recalled, they will be helping many families who were/are dependent on the formula they received from WIC.


Tips & Tidbits

As we wait for spring to peek its head around the corner, the end of winter feels like the hardest final stretch. The best thing we can do is take care of ourselves and continue to hope that warm weather arrives soon!


Looking to build your knowledge or to develop CAN's resources/trainings in Mental Health Promotion Strategies, Equity & Restorative Justice, or Teaching/Working with Children & Youth?

Check out our webpage ( to view our current resources and if you would like to help develop upon what has been started or start collecting resources around a new topic, please reach out to get started:

How do I become a CAN Academy Member to comment on these posts?

  1. Click the little profile icon in the upper right hand corner of the website header

  2. Sign Up with your email and create a password

  3. Your request will be approved and you can go into your CAN Academy profile to update the information

  4. Make your profile "public" so you can add comments below


Thanks for reading! If you have any questions or comments (or highlights, announcements, etc.), please email Katie at

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